How many images will we receive?

I typically take more than a thousand images during a full day of photography and I put no limit on the number if images you will receive. Once the day is done, I will sit down and sort through all of the pictures from your day, discarding any unflattering misfires. For a full day of photography you can expect between 500 and 700 images.


What happens if you’re sick?  

Fear not! If I were seriously ill, I have a wonderful network of Boston-based photographers that I could call into action if necessary.


How many weddings do you photograph each weekend? Do you work with an assistant?

Just one, yours! I want to focus completely on your wedding and by the end of the day, I’m exhausted! Early on I tried two weddings in one weekend. I nearly had a panic attack thinking I had booked them for the same day! That kind of stress makes me cranky. 


I will let your decide if I should bring a second photographer along for the day. For events over 150 attendees, I highly recommend it!


 Why does it take you so long to answer my email?

Being a one-woman show means you will always talk directly to me. However, most photography work is done at crazy times. Weddings just don’t happen at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I will not stop in the middle of a shoot to answer phone calls or emails because it’s kind of tricky to hold a camera and a cell phone at the same time. So, if you email me on Saturday, I am probably on my way to take some more awesome photos. I am absolutely going to email you back but it may take me a few days.


Do you offer any special collections for elopements and other smaller weddings/events?

Yes! Sometimes a wedding really does happen at 1pm on a Wednesday down at the courthouse. Or with just 10 close friends on a boat. Unique weddings require unique collections. Let’s talk and we can put something together that will fit your day or budget perfectly. 


We’d love to work with you; what happens next?

Let’s set up a meeting! I want to sit down, face-to-face and talk about your family and, of course, your event. Use the ‘contact’ button and suggest a few times that might work, evenings are usually best. 


If you decide to hire me to photograph your wedding, a signed contract and retainer will reserve your date.